Scar Camouflage

If you’ve undergone a hair transplant (FUE/FUT) and don’t like how visible your surgical scar is, scalp micropigmentation can assist.

A substantial number of scalp micropigmentation patients want the procedure to hide strip and FUE/FUT scarring from previous hair transplants. In fact, scars affect more than 30% of our clients at Permanent Solutions (some of which are a direct result of hair transplant procedures.) These types of scars are often quite obvious, limiting the individual’s hairstyle possibilities.

All things we can conceal.:

  • Strip Scarring
  • FUE/FUT Scarring
  • Plug Scarring
  • Alopecia Scarring
  • Accident Scarring

3 Reasons Why Patients
Love Cherry

  1. Cherry qualifies patients for up to $10,000.00 .
  2. There is no hard credit check.
  3. Cherry offers zero percent financing options*

*0% promo APR is subject to approval. Regular APR 9.99% – 35.99%. Down payment may be required.